The League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico (LWVSNM) recently elected several new members to its Board of Directors for fiscal year 2021/2022, announced Co-Presidents Kathy Brook and Eileen VanWie.  Click here to see the 2021/2022 leadership for LWVSNM.


Watch the March 13, 2021 presentation to the League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico by Dr. Martha Burk. She remains at the forefront of the debate on women’s progress in the U.S. and around the world. Dr.  Burk discusses women’s history and leadership. Dr. Burk is also a women’s issues expert and national consultant on gender pay equity to governments at all levels and corporations. Click here for the video and then ENTER this passcode after clicking on the link:  rQg.TF6? 


The first annual Making Democracy Work (MDW) Awards by the League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico (LWVSNM) were recently presented to three women leaders who were instrumental in a project that contributed to strengthening democracy.  Jamie Patterson and Josie Miller, academic content specialists from the Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS), and Jamey Rickman, community engagement manager for the City of Las Cruces, are the first recipients of the annual MDW Award.  Read about it here.


Following each census, the state of New Mexico undergoes redistricting.  This is an important task that involves community input.  The Fair Districts New Mexico organization – a nonpartisan group that includes a cross-section of residents throughout the state – developed a short video to help citizens understand the proposed redistricting reforms.  Click here to watch the video.


The League of Women Voters will be monitoring the discussions at the New Mexico legislative session. Beginning January 19, there will be 60 days of activity at the Santa Fe Roundhouse. Many pieces of proposed legislation will impact Southern New Mexico. Click here to see what the priorities are for the New Mexico League of Women Voters and the LWV of Southern New Mexico. You can also watch many sessions or committee meetings. Go to the NM Legislature’s website and click on the “Webcast” link.


Local members of the LWVSNM have had several discussions about Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Safety.  The meetings have been part of the process by the State League to consider a Position Statement about this topic, which would then become the foundation for the League members to be able to advocate for issues related to the subject.

There is a proposal on the national level to consider an area in southeast New Mexico (south of Hobbs) and a nearby site across the border in Texas as two potential temporary sites for nuclear fuel storage.  LWVSNM has held Consensus Meetings where members should give their input on the subject.  You can watch one of those meetings here.  In this particular forum on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021, Dr. Martin Resnikoff of Radioactive Waste Management Associates and Rod McCullum, Senior Director, Decommissioning and Used Fuel, Nuclear Energy Institute gave presentations.

All Leagues in New Mexico have submitted their consensus meeting notes to the state League which will then decide whether to create a League position on the topic.


If you want to see all of the Nov. 3 election results, just click here.

There is only one race that must be recounted in our county because of the small difference in the election results between two candidates. The County Clerk’s Office provided an overview of the election with a record number of people voting.

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On Nov. 13, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) met as the canvassing board and heard from Chief Deputy County Clerk Lindsey Bachman who presented a thorough report regarding the results of the Nov. 3 General Election. She reported that 82,913 persons in Doña Ana County voted. The canvass is an official audit of the election results. Bachman said of the total, 27,815 voters cast their ballot via absentee, 40,236 voted early in-person and 14,862 voted in-person on election day. Approximately 62% of eligible voters voted.

“The turnout was enormous in a time when people are not leaving their houses,” Bachman said. “We all should be proud that voters found value in our democratic process.”

She said COVID-19 did impact the election: there was an increased number of absentee voters and those voting early; additional health precautions were used and PPE was distributed; poll worker trainings were done via Zoom; there was a reduction in the number of voters who could be in the voting rooms; and outdoor absentee ballot boxes were utilized. Bachman said there “was a robust effort to recruit new people” to staff all the election sites, and the transparency of the election “was highly monitored.”

A total of 290 people, including members of the LWVSNM, participated in the various election assignments such as poll watchers, challengers, ond observers. Bachman described some of the challenges they faced, such as a computer server which did not crash but did run slow causing results to be delayed. Bachman said the server needs to be replaced before the next major election. She also indicated tensions among a few individuals for various reasons, but matters were quickly resolved. And, there is need for a recount for State Representative District 53 since the totals were so close. It will be done in the first week of December, she said.

Prior to voting on the resolution, five residents spoke during public input urging the BOCC to vote against accepting the results. They described several “voting discrepancies.” The BOCC voted in favor, 3-to-2, to certify the election results, with Commissioners Isabella Solis and Ramon Gonzalez voting no. The canvass must also be approved by the Secretary of State who also generates all the certificates of nomination. The County then mails the certificates to the winners.


The League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico (LWVSNM) announced that a comprehensive directory of elected officials from Doña Ana County has been updated to reflect the outcome of the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election. The updated Who’s Who is available to download. The previous 2020 Who’s Who of Elected Officials with officials whose terms end Dec. 30, 2020, can also be downloaded. Copies of the directories are also located on the LWVSNM website or can be picked up at Branigan Memorial Library, City Hall and the County Government Center.

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“For over 30 years, the League has produced Who’s Who to promote communications with the elected public officials who serve us,” Brook said.  “During that period, it has expanded considerably to include officials in Anthony, Hatch, Mesilla, Sunland Park and soil and water conversation districts, as well as Las Cruces and Doña Ana County.” Brook said the directory includes phone numbers, email addresses, as well as website addresses for elected officials.  In addition to county positions, such as County Commissioners, Clerk, Sheriff, Treasurer and Assessor, the directory includes federal officials such as the President and Vice President, Congressmen and the U.S. Senators. State positions from the Executive Branch include the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and members of the Governor’s Cabinet, among others.

“The League is a non-partisan organization that does not support or oppose any candidate. Once candidates are elected, it’s important to get this information into the hands of all residents,” said Eileen VanWie, LWVSNM Co-President. “This directory is a way to keep communication transparent for the electorate.”

The 18-page directory also has contact information for the Las Cruces City Council, the three School Boards in the county, state and local judges, several state commissions, plus the managers for the local governments.

More information about the Who’s Who Directory, or to obtain a copy, contact Brook (<ahref=”mailto:kathybrook@comcast.net”>kathybrook@comcast.net)  or VanWie (<ahref=”mailto:lwvsnm.pres.e@gmail.com”>lwvsnm.pres.e@gmail.com).