Education in Finland a study of a highly successful school system

A Blueprint for Reform - U.S. Department of Education

Paper: For-Profit Virtual Charter Schools: Literature Review and Report
Bonnie Burn, Jane Asche and Sue Cain

Paper: Politicization of Teacher Quality
Jane Asche

"The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined" by Salman Kahn (2013)
Reviewed by Bonnie Burn

"The Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools" by Diane Ravitch (2013)
Reviewed by Sue Cain

Book Summaries

"The Death and Life of the Great American School System" by Diane Ravitch
Reviewed by Bonnie Burn

"The Flat World and Education" by Linda Darling-Hammond
Reviewed by Roberta Gran

"The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids-First Politics" by David L. Kirp
Reviewed by Roberta Gran

"A Vision for Universal Preschool Education" by Edward Zigler by Walter S. Gilliam and Stephanie M. Jones
Reviewed by Roberta Gran

Education Study (2012)

Study Interviews

Educating New Teachers - Drs. Reyes and Rodriguez
Luis Reyes, Ph.D. and Cristobal Rodriquez, Ph.D.

General Education Issues Related to Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS)
Superintendent Stan Rounds and Steven Sanchez, Ph.D., Associate Superintendent

School Finances and Effects on Las Cruces Public Schools
Superintendent Stan Rounds and Terry Dean, Assistant Superintendent for Finance

National Education Association (NEA)
Patrick Sanchez, President
Kathy Porter, Director of NEA of New Mexico

School Board, Las Cruces Public Schools
Dr. Connie Phillips and Dr. Bonnie Votaw

High School Student Leadership

LCPS District Advisory Council

Chambers of Commerce: Las Cruces and Hispano

Public Education Commission - Eugene Gant, District 7 Commissioner

Study Topics

LCPS Core Curriculum Standards
Sue Cain and Jane Ashe

Literature Review and Report on Charter Schools
Jane Asche

Standardized Testing: Good or Bad for Assessment of Teacher Performance, Assessment of the Education System?
Erika Graf-Webster

Teacher Performance Evaluation
Judy McGuire

Other Information
Alma d'arte Charter High School

Education Institute (Unit Meetings)
Study Scope and Process

Unit Meeting 1 – State and Federal Regulations Impact on Public Schools
School Funding
Common Core Curriculum Standards
Teacher Preparation & Ongoing Education/Training
New Mexico’s 3-Tiered Teacher Licensure System
Mandated testing of students

Unit Meeting 2 – Public School Reform Movement
The Charter School Movement
Impact of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
Role of Parents in Students Academic Achievement
Book Reviews

Unit Meeting 3 – It Take A Community To Build Good Schools
Education & Socio Economic Status
Las Cruces Public Schools Enrollment, March 1, 2011
Early Childhood Education
The Role of the Business Community
Community Initiatives: Early College High School & Hispanic Education/Achievement Gap Workgroup
Children’s Reading Foundation & Building Community Capacity for Educational Excellence

Study Consensus Questionnaire